About us

The most modern windowsill logistics and cutting centre in the territory of Central Europe.


The corporate of headquarters of Moderna are situated in the logistics park near Senec on Dialničná cesta 19.

The MODERNA Ltd. has been on the market since 1997. From the beginning of its existence we concentrate on the delivery of windowsills and some other accessories for windows and doors. Over the past 11 years we were continuously broadening our product lines, mainly in the window sill area. We currently offer 7 basic type ranges in 392 width and color variants as a standard. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to order additional color variants.

A major breakthrough occurred in the year 2001, when the MODERNA Ltd. began to provide the service of window sill cutting. The constantly increasing number of customers using this service brought the amount of 553 052 cut windowsills in 2007.

In order to fulfill these aims quality personnel potential, innovative technological background and sufficient storage and production premises are needed.

Our forthcoming goal for the year 2011 is the broadening of the window sill product range in the direction of the offered decor`s color scale. We will support the increase of professional sales of our products through marketing. The greatest goal constantly stays the widening of the supplier portfolio to achieve supplier independency.